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@KryptoSherlock / AB CryptoLamer

Jade Wang IOST International Marketing Manager and IOST.BEST node — Block Produсers team joined us.

@KryptoSherlock / AB CryptoLamer,

Hello Jade, glad to see you here. Keen to chat!

Jade Wang IOST

Hey guys in Sherlock Club, I’m Jade from IOST and I’m so glad to be here to answer some of your questions. First, I’d like to thank Sherlock Club and IOSTBest Node for organizing this AMA and providing generous rewards for you guys.

Jade Wang IOST

Before I start to answer the questions, I’d like to give you guys some context.

Jade Wang IOST

IOST is an ultra-fast, decentralized blockchain network based on the next-generation consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability” (PoB). Led by a team of proven founders and backed by world-class investors, our mission is to be the underlying architecture for online services that meets the security and scalability needs of a decentralized economy.

Jade Wang IOST

IOST currently focuses on B2C business in blockchain. It has three main features:

1. A competitive staking ecosystem. According to and, IOST ranks NO.1 and №4 among all blockchains, with high staking proportion and high ROI.

2. A complete node ecosystem. Since the launch of the Mainnet, more than 300 teams and institutes have joined IOST as nodes and node candidates.

3. An extensive DApp ecosystem. IOST also developed a complete DApp ecosystem with nearly 40 DApps online and high user and transaction volume.

Changgok Chul-Soo

How many developers are on the team and how is the team organized and spread out geographically?

Jade Wang IOST

We have a developer team of around 50 people and we have offices in many cities around the world, including Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Berlin, New York, etc.


What are the things you have achieved since IOST Token Mainnet? And Where can I stake my IOST?

Jade Wang IOST

We have made many progress in real world adoption, DApp ecosystem, node ecosystem and user acquisition.


Do you have plans to spread IOST ecosystem across other continents. If yes, what are the strategies and how can I as a community member contribute to making it possible?

Jade Wang IOST

Good one. We currently have 300 plus partner nodes and Servi nodes around the globe, and they are all contributing to the Mainnet in different ways. You can choose to become a partner node to contribute and you are then able to earn contribution rewards of as high as 140M a quarter. The basic requirement for being a partner node is having 2.1M votes


What is the most interesting feature of IOST platform due to which many/more new users will be attracted towards it?

Jade Wang IOST

IOST has a great advantage in decentralization compared to its competitors. Thanks to its unique PoB mechanism, IOST doesn’t set a cap for node number but does set the limit of the maximum reward a node can get, as a way to protect small nodes. With 300 plus nodes in the ecosystem contributing to the ecosystem and sharing rewards, IOST is attracting a great number of partners and users.

Andrew G

Hi Jade Wang! In q2 2018 you started testing PoB consensus. Can you please tell how the PoB show itself in real life, were you able to achieve full decentralization with this consensus? Or it need some improvements?

Jade Wang IOST

So far PoB has been showing its power and its advantages in realizing decentralization. With this mechanism, IOST can be separated from its competitors.

S.A.M. Crypto Trader

We are all intrigued by your consensus protocol POB, can you explain it more and tell us how it can outperform the other blockchain algorithms ?

Jade Wang IOST

Good one, PoB is similar to DPoS and it is really good in terms of protecting small nodes with low staking votes. You can learn more about it in this article:

@KryptoSherlock / AB CryptoLamer

IOST is almost 2 years in the space!

What was the greatest achievement for that time?

Jade Wang IOST

I would say the most exciting achievements should be well-developed Dapp and node ecosystem, and also our staking economy. We are continuing our exploration and planning to invest more in these three areas.

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame (Question for IOST.BEST NODE)

Question to our guys Block Producers from IOST.BEST NODE.

What are the current ways to vote for a BP network?

Where can I find it?

What method would you recommend as the simplest and most understandable for the end user?


Hi Artyom, hi guys!

We have two options:

The first is creating your account and voting through the browser.

The second is creating your account and voting through mobile wallets.


If we are talking about the first option, then the most convenient way is to use the official wallet from IOST “iWallet”.

To do this, you need to create a free account here: or here

After creating, you need to save, write down and hide the keys.


Install the official iOST Wallet from Google Chrome “iWallet”

Import your private key into it and you’re done!

You can vote here:

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame

Thanks, I will try to use this method. I personally vote on

Namik (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

Can you tell IOST some next adoption plan?

Jade Wang IOST

IOST is seeking to reach partnerships with real world business organizations, something like we did with a leading Chinese antique collector, with whom we use our tracking technology to help with anti-fake products. here is the full article:

MisSoN ImPoSsiBlE (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

There are many new projects coming at a rapid pace. They all spend some money to advertise their projects, but lots of them are just to get the investment, after that they don’t care about it much. Isn’t it? Why people should have trust on IOST? And what are your plans to attract customers?

Jade Wang IOST

IOST always put our users and nodes as priority and always try to provide full support for them, including technical, promotion and even financial support. As we know that making our nodes more powerful will ultimately benefit our users. Also, we value our users’ opinion, we have several full-time admins answering questions raised from our different communities and btw, we have communities of multiple languages in telegram, check it out: @officialiosrussian

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

Jade! One more interesting question!

BlueHill Foundation is one of the main elements that helps ecosystem grows.

After almost a year of bear marker how is BlueHill doing?

What financial tools helped to save funds or minimize losses (if any)?

Jade Wang IOST

BlueHill foundation is IOST’s incubator and they have helped IOST tremendously in terms of ecosystem building. It will continue to help us by investing and supporting quality team and organizations coming to integrate with IOST.

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame (Question for Jade Wang IOST )

Clear! Thanks!

Also I’d like to ask one more thing.

Most of the people in crypto are comparing IOST with EOS.

A lot of similarities. Consensus mechanism, block producers, lots of gambling dApps.

What are the pros and cons (if any) of IOST comparing to EOS?

Jade Wang IOST

IOST has a great advantage in decentralization compared to EOS. Thanks to its unique PoB mechanism, IOST doesn’t set a cap for node number but does set the limit of the maximum reward a node can get, as a way to protect small nodes. With 300 plus nodes in the ecosystem contributing to the ecosystem and sharing rewards, IOST is much more decentralized compared to its competitors.

In terms of disadvantages, as a latecomer, it can be relatively hard to increase market share for IOST. But it can also be a good thing as we can apply some more efficient methods to solve difficulties faced by older projects and avoid making some mistakes.

About gaming DApps, IOST is actually moving more towards non-gambling games.

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

Thanks for your answer!

One more about dApps!

From the Mainnet launch there are a lot of dApps in the ecosystem.

Are you satisfied with their quality, users quantity, day volume?

How IOST follows the progress of them and what steps help ecosystem grow?

Jade Wang IOST

Yes, we now have a well-developed DApp ecosystem with more than 40 DApps of various kinds. IOST provides comprehensive and long-term technical and promotion support for our DApp teams and some of the best teams can receive financial support as well. Also, we are in the progress of integration with SlowMist, a leading DApp security solution provider, to provide IOST with smart contract review service, in order to provide a more reliable and safer DApp ecosystem for our users

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

And for example, what is Dapps? What functions do they perform?

Jade Wang IOST

DApp refers to decentralized apps, they are applications running on a blockchain. We have both gaming and non-gaming DApps. We have staking pool, voting DApp, etc.

Stsoen (Question for Jade Wang IOST )

How widespread is the use of Dapps on IOST?

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame

You can check it here

Jade Wang IOST

and here for more information:

Jade Wang IOST

We release articles regularly to give updates of IOST for our users, please also follow us in Medium:

Faaree (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progress and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?

Jade Wang IOST

Yes, we have achieved everything we planned in the roadmap and IOST is growing stronger and stronger.

Bara Oka (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

What projects / teams do you see as your main competitors from the technical and ideological point of view? And if any, what are your competitive advantages?

Jade Wang IOST

We are one of the Big Four public chain along with ETH, EOS and TRON, and IOST’s advantage is its PoB mechanism

Thunder (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

What is IOST’s plan for real-world applications?

Jade Wang IOST

And its advanced level of decentralization IOST has also achieved partnerships with multiple organizations. For example, Boomstarter, a leading Russian fundraising platform is integrating IOST to make it a payment method within the platform.

Reinaldo (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

I think Investors are always important to the success of one project. Some of them only care about token prices, others care about technology and future of project. So is there any useful use case of IOST Token that can attract investors?

Jade Wang IOST

IOST has various adoption scenarios, first of all, more than 40 DApps, both gaming and non-gaming, have been successfully on-boarded IOST and are being used by tens of thousands of community members. With multiple staking pools and several leading traditional games entering the picture, IOST’s DApp ecosystem is growing ever stronger.

IOST’s technology is also utilized to increase traceability and reducing counterfeit products in one of the largest Chinese antique collectors — Grimm’s Antiques. Through IOST’s tracing technology, part of the collection’s certificates will be put on-chain, with a unique identification card for each piece on the IOST blockchain. Buyers can obtain the artwork’s certificate by scanning its ID to check information including price, description, pictures and the current owner.

Check out this article for more info:

IOST has also achieved partnerships with multiple organizations. For example, Boomstarter, a leading Russian fundraising platform is integrating IOST to make it a payment method within the platform.

Vi (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

Around there is only one talk about mass adoption, what do you see it for your project, if you do not take into staking? I’m talking about the most banal use case, besides gaming, which can really attract a huge number of people who do not need to use crypto before.

Jade Wang IOST

Good question! Apart from thing I mentioned above, I’m sure that some of you have already heard about Bermi, as another big step taken by IOST in mass adoption. It is a short video platform, used by millions of people in Latin America.

Rohan (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

In order to grow, the project needs more developers, so how does IOST plan to attract developers?

Jade Wang IOST

We have bounty program, great tech support.

Dito (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

What are plans shaping up for marketing and building a strong, core community which is important for any new project in the crypto space?

Jade Wang IOST

We are interacting with all of our communities on a daily basis and rewarding community builder through our contribution rewards system to motivate them to build more vibrant communities.

HarSimar (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

Many blockchain projects and companies focus on making very complex systems and say they will revolutionize the banking system and help the unbanked. Since you work in the business area, how realistic do you think such statements are?

Jade Wang IOST

I would say that we still have a long to go, the future is both promising and hard to achieve.

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame (Question for IOST.BEST NODE)


Please tell me how profitable it is now to keep the IOST node and why you should vote for IOST.BEST?


According to the results of the second quarter, our node has become one of the most profitable. The yield was 27% per annum in IOST.

Here you can read about our results for the 2nd quarter


We are working hard to develop IOSTBEST, both within the IOST ecosystem and beyond.


In total, we spend more than $20,000 per quarter on the promotion and maintenance of our node, but it pays off :)

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

Jade Wang about future token cases! Maybe we’ll use it as BNB for IEO or smth))) Do you have any plans on that?

Jade Wang IOST

You can get a ROI of as high as 20% for holding IOST and even more if you are lucky enough to choose to right node.

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

Jade, is IOST.BEST good producers? not a scam?))))

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

Make my own due diligence)))

Jade Wang IOST

haha, they sure is and doing really well in our ecosystem

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame (answer for Jade Wang IOST)

nice! Then I’ll go to vote after AMA)))

Daddy (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

I heard that you’re envisaging to launch the official IOST DEX. But what are your plans for providing liquidity if even one of the most successful crypto start-up like Binance has difficulties to succeed in…?

Jade Wang IOST

IOSTDex is developed by IOSTWin, a DApp team. It’s not our own product.

Mission (Question for Jade Wang IOST)

How do IOST plan to enable blockchain adoption in daily life to transactions in the Commerce online and offline?

Jade Wang IOST

Thanks, I think the answer would still be decentralization. IOST built a great node ecosystem with more than 300 nodes, every one of whom is contributing to the Mainnet and share all rights to govern our blockchain

This scale of decentralization is the most important challenge we have successfully solved.

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame

Ok! Thank you Jade for your time! I really appreciate your patience! And sorry for technical issues!

Please add any info you’d like to share with us! News or announcement or maybe some secret info:)

And then please choose 3 best questions you like most and we’ll make an airdrop for them! Thanks IOST.BEST for this!

Jade Wang IOST

Great thanks to you guys too. I’d like to invite you to join our international telegram group or Russian group if you are interested: @officialiosrussian

Here are three winners: @Rocking_gmr @vit182 @peusse

@KryptoSherlock /AB CryptoLame

All the questions we that weren’t answered we will add to list and give it to Jade. Ans she’ll answer them when she has time! Thanks to community for your questions! We’re finishing this AMA!

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Thanks @jaaaadewang! We’ll be waiting for you next time here! Good luck with the project!

Jade Wang IOST

thanks guys!

have a good day

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